Kaatismiitti @ Helsinki - Jussi Viljamaa

Kaatismiitti @ Helsinki

March 3, 2018

So I went to meet some internet friends for the first time all the way to the Helsinki and here is some photos with thoughts from memory.. 

It was lots of fun and cant wait to meet these people again someday :)

So this is about first thing I saw when I finally managed to find musiikkitalo even though its in the middle of Helsinki.. This is Iina and she came modeling for us and thre were lots of photographers taking pics of course. I remember that one guy took maybe only face portrait of her, dont know why..

Iina Paajanen

Iina Paananen

Aand here I present Roope, young but very promising photographer from Helsinki showing how you supposed to use these ring lights, first time to see IRL while we have been chatting about a year and I've followed his work with model shoots etc. I think he is a pretty good cook too :) He seemed very nice guy IRL too.

Roope Niemi

This guy is Coby Ayisoe (did I pronounce it right this time?:)) Yeah I have been following his work and especially those digital art pics with cellphones were really cool. I've been told that I talk very much but I think Coby talks even more than me ;) He were really friendly and easy going guy and we got a good laughs, too bad we did not have so much time to chat, but I think I'll see him in the future again somewhere :)       

Coby Ayisoe

So this is Heidi who is photographer and also a model I think.. First time to see IRL and I think I said hi.. :) I know her from facebooks Showroom and Kaatopaikka photographing groups and she is also active member in our little chat thingie..

Heidi M.A. Granberg

Together in a group.. This couple was awesome, Netta got a bit hangover (so did I) so we got that going for some conversation starter, Netta is amazing photographer with models and I've seen some awesome street photography too :) Lauri is also photographer and got a black belt at photoshop! His shirt was printed with "studiomajamaa.com"... wink 

Well I like that they liked this photo so much <3 

There is also Eero Ihaksinen behind these lovers with multigearbelt and cameras :) REally cool guy and everyvody knows him somewhat :)

Lauri Majamaa & Netta Malm

This was actually only photo I took like intentionally of a model, it was'nt easy to squeeze myself to the front because in this photoshoot too there were about 10 other guys with some long canon L objectives and I got only my 35mm with me :) but one photo was enough for me, I didnt ask to pose or anything just went with the flow like usual. I just noticed that location and light so I got to go and take at least one photo of this beautiful casual model :) 

Tuula Ylikorpi

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